"Employees act in accordance with role models, not according to the corporate mission"
Together with us companies are able to evolve as a whole system and concretise crucial and action-guiding values for managers and employees:
  • Work out a common vision, that generate sufficient creative tension between the reality and the desirable future of the company.
  • Understand the determining rules of complex systems.
  • Reveal and question mental models of the organisation.
  • Establish a commitment, which is based on real „enthusiasm“.
  • Cooperation based on common goals and a structured understanding of our business
The culture of a company is key for the maintenance and achievement of an excellent position in the competitive environment!

Our range of services includes objectives and measures - shaped through understanding and developed in cooperation with the company - in the areas of:

  • Formulation of a jointly born future vision and an action-oriented general orientation
  • Identification of intended characteristics and skills for the organisation
  • Identification of obstructive paradigms within the company, which prevent the achievement of the intended future
  • Development of useful paradigms, that shape the collaboration within the company and the achievement of objectives
  • Concretisation of action-guiding and crucial values in leadership and conflict behaviour
  • Formulation of a corporate positioning and thereby an intended external perception
The gfu-consult gmbh offers a structured and methodologically sophisticated platform, which allows the goal-oriented development of companies as complete systems in which high level management as well as all other employees operate!