Partner at the interface between people and strategy

The gfu-consult is a management-consulting firm that is managed by several partners and that has had an established market position as a specialist in business strategy realisation for over 40 years. Particularly, within complex strategic challenges and in difficult business situations, where assumed “easy recipes” fail and the involvement of many stakeholders becomes necessary, the integrated consulting approach of the gfu-consult gmbh has proven its effectiveness. Our clients appreciate the systematic approach and the cooperative partnership.

The confidence and the proximity of the gfu-consult to the organisation of their clients is characterised by long client relations and continuous collaboration, that last partly already for more than 20 years. The approaches of our consultants are based on the concept of the St. Gallen management model, with a high contact frequency and the integration of all involved forces of the company, which are necessary for the achievement of the goals set.

The gfu-consult does not only develop customized approaches and solutions, but implements them consistently, together with the decision makers of the client. As opposed to the competition, our consultants distinguish themselves through their high level of experience, continuous training in business as well as in social-psychological areas and through their profound commitment. Depending on the challenges and tasks at hand, gfu-consult extends its own rows with consulting experts from a selected circle of competent cooperation- and strategic-partners. Always focussing on the goal to create the maximum value for our customers.