"Sometimes you have to tear down walls to build new bridges!"
We accompany responsible managers in the timely implementation of substantial changes of business models, essential processes and structures:
  • Maintaining full efficiency
  • Tight and transparent project management
  • Clearly defined initiatives and projects
  • Embedding of detailed and procedural knowledge of employees
  • Unambiguous assignment of responsibilities and tasks within the new structure
  • Reduction of anxiety and objections of employees
  • Structured communication within the company
We strive for a largely integrated implementation control with worker and employer representatives to ensure high stability!

Our range of service covers integrated solutions for your organisation & restructuring project:

  • New design of the business model
  • Management and decision making processes
  • Redesign business processes
    • Performance processes
    • Production/ Maintenance
    • Performance and innovation processes
    • Idea generation /project realization
  • Service and support processes
  • Cross-location process integration/networking
  • Organizational anchorage of processes
  • Shift organization and system
  • Management of Change
  • Cost cutting program
  • Integration management/ fusion
  • Make or Buy/ Outsourcing/ Insourcing
Our solutions ensure the right design and goal-oriented implementation while simultaneously preserving the full efficiency!