"Safety and efficiency are not achievable through an increased estimation of cost, but through the use of responsibly acting people."
Apart from the development of an outstanding culture for a solid operation of plants, we ensure the simultaneous consideration of solid financial results.
  • Development of the corporate culture to an economically ideal high-reliability organisation
  • Balanced management in relation to plants, people and systems, also through professional and cross-divisional cooperation
  • Production and maintenance not only under safety aspects, but also with the aim of the maximum economical success
An outstanding culture of leadership, attention and cooperation is our primary objective!

We offer a range of services, which align safe operation of plants and safe working conditions with stable economic output:

  • Safety:
    • HSEQ/ PS-Control Frameworks
    • Integrated Management Systems (IMS)
    • (S&O-) Audits & Audit Preparation
    • Near Miss Systems
    • Risk and opportunity management
    • Crisis management
    • Management of Change
  • Production:
    • Core competency model production
    • Control of Work/ work approval system
    • Error/failure management
    • Behaviour in case of failures
    • Efficiency Assessment
  • Maintenance:
    • Risk-based maintenance
    • TAR-evaluation
    • Integrated shutdown/TAR and commissioning organization
    • Contractors management
  • Value creating Project management:
    • Process flow
    • Decisions
    • Tools
While implementing our concrete measures we always keep the performance of our customers in mind and have the necessary sensitivity for operational procedures!