Consulting approach

Core competence strategy implementation and transformation

gfu-consult gmbh is a specialist for strategy implementation, organizational and personnel development. We shape – jointly with our customers – these transformation and change processes. Our approach is characterised by the involvement of all relevant stakeholders and by a systematic approach. A special characteristic is the effective involvement of employees and key players at all levels. Our consultants carry out the necessary analyses with an adequate depth of investigation and have the expertise to convey the necessary knowledge and the associated skills, always focussing on maximum value added for our customers.

Our core competence is strategy implementation and transformation. We design - together with responsible managers - processes of strategy implementation and transformation that are characterized by a diversity of features:

  • High Quality of corporate and divisional strategies
  • Timely implementation of strategies
  • Knowing that changes are part of normal (corporate) life
  • Excellent process and project control
  • Increased accountability of managers
  • Dialogues as an “art of joint thinking”
  • Identification of “hidden levers”
  • Further development of structures, management and business processes
  • Improving the quality of thinking, interaction and commitments of those involved
  • Structured communication within the company

We support responsible managers with the output-orientated implementation of strategies